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University Headquarters ranks SDSU's operations management program

University Headquarters ranks SDSU's operations management program

University Headquarters ranked South Dakota State University No. 44 on its list of the top 75 most affordable operations management programs in the U.S. University Headquarters also listed SDSU as the best university for bachelor's and master's degrees in the state.

The firm’s rankings considered many of the following critical pieces of information throughout the ranking process, including:

  • Graduation rate.
  • Cost of tuition.
  • Graduating salary.
  • Number of programs offered.

University Headquarters cited SDSU’s operations management program Bachelor of Science degree being accredited by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc. and the university’s 80% retention rate as other key factors in the ranking.

“SDSU does not disappoint when prospective students take a look at their tuition costs but when you add to this the many other great things the school offers students, it’s easy to see why it is ranked on this list,” said Julia Baker, marketing director with University Headquarters. “SDSU offers not only a bachelor’s but also a master’s degree in operations management, meaning that students can move quickly through their primary degree and then, if they choose, transition smoothly into a graduate degree.

“If they do choose to earn their graduate degree with SDSU, they can do so through an individualized program of study,” continued Baker. “This means that students can focus their degree on whatever will make the most sense for them in the future, whether they plan to continue into a doctorate or move into a higher-level management position.”