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Schmidt Named October Civil Service Employee of the Month

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Due to her attitude that each space she works in is the student's home, Cindy Schmidt has been selected as the South Dakota State University Civil Service Employee of the Month recipient for October.

Starting at SDSU in March 1993, Schmidt has had numerous positions with Student Life Building Services, including recently being named a custodial supervisor in the University Student Union and Miller Wellness Center. A reception for Schmidt was held Oct. 12 in Caldwell Hall.

Co-workers talk about her commitment to people and to SDSU’s core values as her strongest attributes.

“Cindy knows most of the residents she sees daily by name,” said Meila Miller, the building manager supervisor for Housing and Residential Life. “She asks them how they are doing and tries to find out one thing about them to connect. Cindy makes sure to come to work with a positive attitude for the residents as well as the staff she supervises.

“She has trained numerous students over the years on how to clean and take care of their space and how to take pride in their job,” continued Miller, who was the November 2017 Civil Service Employee of the Month. “Cindy tells the residents she sees ‘Have a good day’ or ‘I will see you later.’ She also makes sure to listen to them if they are stressed and need someone to listen.”

And that commitment has been put to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Her level of excellence is unmatched within our group, as she works to maintain the highest level of cleanliness throughout her buildings,” said Jess Fryslie, a building maintenance supervisor in University Housing. “The Miller Wellness Center and University Student Union are two of the busiest places on campus and she embraces the unique challenges of each area. COVID-19 brought additional tasks, including shutting the Wellness Center down for deep cleaning during the day, a challenge she readily accepted.”

“Having a space like the University Student Union to clean during a time when cleaning has been the biggest role in keeping students safe, one could easily be overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into day-to-day operations,” said Brooke Walker, a residence hall director. “However, Cindy works to be proactive, engaged and prideful in the work that she and her team do. I’ve always known Cindy to be the woman with a plan but has been even more impressed this year by her work.”

Schmidt and her husband, Brian, live north of White. They have two adult children, Austin and Autumn. Schmidt is involved with the Deubrook backpack project, the Order of the Eastern Star and the American Legion Auxiliary.

All SDSU Employee of the Month selections are determined through a nomination process by the Civil Service Advisory Council. Each civil service employee of the month receives an appreciation monetary gift from the F.O. Butler Foundation. The trustees of the foundation recognize the importance of civil service employees and take this opportunity to thank them for their exemplary service.