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Smith Honored as July Civil Service Employee of the Month

Levi Smith, July 2021 Civil Service Employee of the Month
Levi Smith

In recognition for his strong commitment to helping others and diligent work with the South Dakota State University Police Department, Levi Smith has been named the Civil Service Employee of the Month for July.

Smith will be recognized at a 3 p.m. reception Thursday in the UPD conference room.

Smith joined UPD in April 2018 and has shown nonstop dedication and loyalty to not only the department, but also to the SDSU community, public and campus.

“During his time as a dispatcher, he worked multiple 12-hour shifts in a row while also being an SDSU student, saying that he will do whatever is best for the department,” said Kaitlyn Oleson-Hayen, UPD communications supervisor and July 2019 Civil Service Employee of the Month. “Even after he was hired as an officer, he remains willing to cover shifts at dispatch if unforeseen circumstances arise.”

Smith’s devotion came in handy for an SDSU employee who became stuck in a parking lot on the east edge of campus on New Year’s Eve. Smith was the first officer to arrive and help push the car. Smith said, “I just need to see this through” and called another person for assistance.

That instance is just one that proves Smith’s helpful nature is consistently recognized by the public and fellow co-workers and supervisors.

“It has been all too apparent on a daily basis that Levi truly cares about the department, the university, students, faculty and anyone else he may meet,” said Wade Oorlog, a sergeant with UPD and the July 2016 Civil Service Employee of the Month. “Whether working multiple weeks of shifts dispatching without a day off, adjusting shifts now as an officer or doing whatever else may be needed, we can always count on Levi and his jovial nature to be unwavering.”

“Levi has a positive attitude and is helpful and understanding when dealing with the public in their times of crisis,” said UPD Patrol Sergeant Jonathan Anderson, who was the August 2013 Civil Service Employee of the Month. “Levi has shown that he is willing to place the needs of the university above his own by working diligently during a time of short staffing, working for several weeks with no days off.”

All SDSU Employee of the Month selections are determined through a nomination process by the Civil Service Advisory Council. Each civil service employee of the month receives an appreciation monetary gift from the F.O. Butler Foundation. The trustees of the foundation recognize the importance of civil service employees and take this opportunity to thank them for their exemplary service.