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SDSU receives 2021 EPEAT Purchaser Award

SDSU received a 2021 EPEAT Award

South Dakota State University has been recognized as one of the 2021 EPEAT Purchaser Award winners for excellence in sustainable procurement of electronic equipment. SDSU and other organization were honored by the Green Electronics Council July 28 in a virtual ceremony.

Overall, 74 organizations, including cities, states, U.S. Federal agencies and companies from around the globe, were honored for their decisions to purchase sustainable information technology products.  

“As a large university, SDSU has the opportunity to positively impact sustainability in many ways,” said Jennifer McLaughlin, SDSU’s sustainability specialist. “The EPEAT Purchaser Award affirms our environmentally friendly efforts in electronic purchasing.”

More than 96% of SDSU purchases of IT products are EPEAT certified, including nearly 85% at the gold level. Those purchases fell into three of the categories eligible for recognition: computers and displays, imaging equipment and servers.

“It is critical we purchase sustainable IT products to minimize our negative environmental impact and maximize the health of our people and planet,” McLaughlin said. “It is nice to have certification such as EPEAT to affirm that the products our campus purchase are sustainable.”

The EPEAT Purchaser Awards recognize excellence in sustainable procurement of IT products. EPEAT Purchasers will earn a star for each product category in which they purchase EPEAT-registered IT products and all of the eligibility requirements have been met. SDSU received three stars this year.

“EPEAT Purchaser Award winners are champions in the practice of sustainable procurement. Their leadership creates sustainability gains not only for their own organizations but for all purchasers of electronics globally by creating demand for sustainable products,” said Nancy Gillis, CEO of the Green Electronics Council.