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SDSU to hold Virtual Physics Bowl XLVII

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The SDSU Department of Physics will hold the Virtual Physics Bowl XLVII March 27.

The South Dakota State University Department of Physics is inviting all South Dakota and area high schools to participate in the Virtual Physics Bowl XLVII March 27. This contest is a popular event known statewide and offers both team and individual competitions.

The team event gives students the opportunity to compete for a $50 grant to their school’s science department and a $500 scholarship for each student on the team. These scholarships are valid on the condition that the student enrolls at SDSU with a declared physics major.

The individual event also has scholarship prizes for the top five finishers on the same condition they enroll in SDSU for physics, but only those who did not participate on the school team competition will be allowed to compete.

Recent schools placing have included: Brookings, Great Plains Lutheran, Lennox,  Miller, Sioux Falls Lincoln and Sioux Falls O’Gorman. In addition, Lakeview (Minnesota) and Emerson-Hubbard (Nebraska) schools have placed.

Questions will be based on topics such as basic mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, basic electricity, optics or famous physicists. Each team will answer questions posed by the quizmaster. Answers are scored according to accuracy, speed or both. Each question has a point value, and the team with the highest score wins.

If interested in participating in either competition or have questions, please contact or for more information. The registration deadline is March 20.