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The Heart of Honors, The Students: Hattie Seten

Hattie Seten is a senior Honors student majoring in Political science, Spanish, and global studies. She aspires to a career as a Foreign Service Officer serving in Latin America and the Middle East, and is interested in working on international and diplomatic matters related to immigration, water conflict, and global trade. She hopes to one day become a U.S. ambassador. We got to learn more about Hattie when we interviewed her as our student feature, including her favorite spots on campus, what her dream job is, and what she is involved in on campus! 

Words From Hattie: To me, the Honors College is a community that is defined by its care for academics and compassion for fellow students. Academically, the Honors program enables me to closely interact with faculty members. Through Honors courses and contracts, I received meaningful feedback which furthered my organization, presentation, writing, and critical thinking abilities. Being an Honors student opened doors for me. For example, I had the opportunity to present my Honors research at a National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) Conference in New Orleans. Socially, the Honors College is a community that deeply cares for one another. I made some of my very best long-lasting friends in the Honors Hall as an underclassman.

Recently, I was named as a Rhodes Scholar-elect. Next year, I plan to start studies at the University of Oxford where I will pursue a two-year MPhil in comparative government. This accomplishment should also be credited to the numerous SDSU mentors who encouraged and supported me in my application and generally as a student. I would not have received the Rhodes Scholarship without their support.

I serve as the Students’ Association (SA) President. I love that this organization empowers me to serve the best interests of my peers. It is exciting to serve in a role where I have the opportunity to actively work towards solutions to improve our campus. I am passionate about SDSU and being on SA allows me to collaborate alongside student leaders who care deeply about our University and fellow Jackrabbits.

One of my favorite honors courses was a colloquium on Brazil, taught by Dr. Evren Celik Wiltse and Instructor Nathan Bylander. Our cohort was comprised of only seven students which created an intimate classroom environment where we often engaged in high-quality discussions. I enjoyed that this course incorporated guest speakers, hands-on activities, snacks, and experiential learning. I was not familiar with Brazil prior to the course but I now regularly follow Brazil in the news.

My Honors experience has taught me how to ask questions and not be afraid to admit that I do not know everything. Research revolves around asking interesting questions and I have enjoyed working on finding answers through my Honors contracts and Honors independent study. No one knows everything and having a truly unique research question is a wonderful experience because it opens doors to acquiring knowledge and learning about the world.

When the weather is nice, I like to ride my bicycle and run outside. I am also a people-person and I really enjoy spending time talking with my friends. Due to the pandemic environment, I often use my free time to catch up with my friends via Facetime.

I have two favorite spots on campus! I love visiting the Dairy Bar. I have a sweet tooth and I love eating ice cream for breakfast. I have tried almost every ice cream flavor at the Dairy Bar. I also love the Students’ Association Office. I have been involved with the Students’ Association since I became a Senator At-Large my freshman year. I love sitting in the Students’ Association Office because I can chat with my friends from the Senate and watch students walk through the Union.

One piece of advice that I have for fellow students is to enjoy these years and seek joy. As Honors students, we often work really hard, and sometimes it can feel as though “life begins after graduation.” But through my own experiences, I have recently come to understand that being in college is part of life too and this time should be enjoyed to its fullest. Yes, it is important to focus on classes, homework, and make strides academically, but life is short, so have fun and cherish those around you.