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SDSU promotes test-optional admissions, adjusts Jackrabbit Guarantee scholarship program for high school seniors

Merit Scholarship Awards

South Dakota State University announced today test-optional opportunities for high school seniors applying to SDSU for fall 2021. Graduating high school seniors are able to apply to SDSU without needing an ACT or SAT score and this year can still qualify for the Jackrabbit Guarantee scholarship program based on their high school GPA.

“We recognize the challenges high school students are facing during the pandemic in being able to not only complete, but also prepare for ACT and SAT tests,” said SDSU Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Michaela Willis. “Our new approach will allow students impacted to apply to SDSU and still have the chance to earn a Jackrabbit Guarantee scholarship award based on their strong academic credentials.”

Renewable Jackrabbit Guarantee scholarships range from $1,000 to $4,000 and will be adjusted based on test-optional admissions for students with a GPA of 3.0 or better and students who submit an ACT or SAT test score.

“We recognize the value of college entrance exams for students, but it is also proven that a student’s high school GPA is an important indicator of their readiness to pursue a four-year degree and their likelihood for success once enrolled at the university,” Willis said. “We examined many different options and models and believe we have developed one that recognizes student’s academic achievements during high school and rewards them when they become Jackrabbits.”

The Jackrabbit Guarantee scholarship program annually provides scholarships to students who attend SDSU. Several additional merit scholarships are available to incoming first-time freshmen, including SDSU Foundation Scholarships, Stephen F. Briggs Scholarships, J. Lohr Scholars, Stai Honors Scholarships and other awards. Those scholarships will also be test-optional for the fall 2021 cycle.

A breakdown of Jackrabbit Guarantee Scholarship amounts is available on