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SDSU Parent Survey Results Now Available

274 SDSU parents weighed in on working, parenting, and schooling decisions during COVID-19.

The goal of the SDSU Parent Survey was to determine the childcare/schooling needs facing working parents at SDSU, especially
women, who are often primarily responsible for coordinating childcare/schooling. An infographic showing key findings can be accessed by emailing or by checking out our Facebook page here

Conclusions of the Parent Survey





The results demonstrated:

  • All parents (including SDSU parents) are balancing three different jobs during this pandemic (their work as an employee, schooling for their child(ren), and possibly childcare for their child(ren));
  • Most SDSU parents are relying on flexible working schedules/remote work or paid sick/vacation leave to accommodate disruptions due to quarantine, isolation, or COVID19 positive test results;
  • SDSU parents need flexibility with scheduling/work method in order to be successful;
  • Parents would significantly benefit from financial assistance;
  • SDSU parents' perceptions of unit flexibility were highly dependent upon their individual unit or supervisor.

Overall, the results from this study suggest a more structured, systemic approach is needed to assist employees who are parenting in the age of COVID. Some approaches could include:

  • Childcare/healthcare financial assistance;
  • Childcare assistance/options;
  • Work method/flexibility;
  • Consistent institutional expectations

Co-principal investigators of the study included: Dr. Rebecca A. Kuehl, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program Coordinator;
Dr. Sharity Bassett, School of American & Global Studies; Dr. Molly Enz, School of American & Global Studies; Dr. Erica Moore, American Indian Student Center; and Dr. Jana M. Hanson, Office of Institutional Research & Assessment.

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