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Barr awarded Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation scholarship

Anna Barr
Anna Barr

South Dakota State University graduate student Anna Barr has been awarded the Jessie C. Obert Memorial Scholarship from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation.

According to Kendra Kattelmann, distinguished professor and head of the Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences, Barr is the first SDSU student to receive the award since Elissa Nyberg, a doctorate student, received the Obert Memorial Scholarship two years ago. Kattelmann called Barr “an outstanding graduate student worthy of this and other honors.”

Barr, who is pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition and exercise science, is from Newton, Iowa. She received her bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from SDSU in 2019. She also completed a minor in horticulture.

“SDSU has always felt like the right fit for me in my education. I was initially drawn to SDSU by faculty who reflected my passion for the wide reach of dietetics, particularly in food security and horticulture, a quality I did not find at other universities,” Barr said. “As an undergraduate, I always felt supported, pushed and encouraged by nutrition faculty. They gave me experiences I never expected to have. Not only are they intelligent role models in the field, but their kindness and care for students have also made SDSU feel like home and is a major reason I stayed at SDSU for my master's degree.

“When talking about my graduate program to friends, I frequently tell them I could have any of the faculty over for dinner and enjoy their company. To me, that's a huge testament to their character and makes me want to learn from them even more,” Barr continued. “SDSU is where I want to learn and choose to learn because I truly feel students' best interests are at heart.”

An aspiring registered dietitian, Barr is working on her thesis, “Traditional and Local Food Procurement Motivators, Barriers and Desires from Food Service Directors in South Dakota Schools with High Enrollments of Native American Students.” She will graduate this May.