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Lauralee Eaton named SDSU College of Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences Student Advocate

Lauralee Eaton
Lauralee Eaton, sophomore agriculture education student, has been selected to serve as the 2020 CAFES Student Advocate.

Lauralee Eaton, sophomore agriculture education major from Pine Island, Minnesota, has been selected to serve as the South Dakota State University College of Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences Student Advocate. As Advocate, Eaton will serve as the voice of the CAFES student body for the 2020-2021 school year. 

In her role as Advocate, Eaton hopes to increase communication between CAFES’ clubs. Through increased communication, she anticipates that this will encourage CAFES clubs to co-host events increasing networking and teamwork between the groups. Another goal of Eaton’s is to increase communications with CAFES alumni and future students as well through social media and the CAFES podcast, Feeding the Future SDSU. She hopes to influence the next generation of agriculturalists at SDSU through her role as Advocate. 

Eaton has served CAFES in a variety of leadership roles prior to receiving her title of Advocate. She is currently president of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow club and is a member of the Agriculture Education/FFA Alumni club. Eaton has served as a CAFES Ambassador as well as an SDSU Teach Agriculture Ambassador. She is also the Fundraising Chair and Assistant Treasurer of the Sigma Alpha Omega Chapter and was part of the 2019 fall LeadState cohort. Eaton also served as the 2018-2019 Minnesota FFA State Reporter. 

Eaton’s donation of her time has prepared her for her role as Advocate. She has represented her clubs at various events such as the CAFES Ice Cream Social, Fall Scholarship Banquet, the CAFES Career Fair, Brookings Harvest Table and SDSU Ag Day .

“I am thrilled to serve the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences as the Advocate,” shared Eaton. “I hope we are able to better the students and faculty through tough times with communication and education.”