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Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship is now available in fall 2020

Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship now available fall 2020
The Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship will be now available for incoming full-time, first-time freshmen in fall 2020. The one-year scholarship will be awarded based on the number of SDSU dual credits earned.

South Dakota State University announced today the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship will be awarded starting for the fall 2020 semester, rather than fall 2021 as previously announced.

The Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship will provide financial assistance to students who have earned dual credits from SDSU and enroll at SDSU for the fall 2020 semester following high school graduation.

“We are very excited to be able to offer the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship for our incoming freshman class starting during the fall 2020 semester,” said SDSU Director of Admissions Shawn Helmbolt. “We are committed to working with students to ensure a pathway to college that provides as much financial assistance as possible during this uncertain time, and this program is just one more option. Getting these students to SDSU and on track toward graduation is an important step to earning a four-year degree and benefiting from the value it will provide in the coming years. As always, we are grateful to the tremendous donors and supporters of SDSU who make these scholarship opportunities possible.”

The scholarship will be available for any student who enrolls as a full-time, first-time freshman at SDSU and also earned dual credits from SDSU. The one-year scholarship will be awarded based on the number of SDSU dual credits earned:

  • 1-6 credit hours = $500.
  • 7-12 credit hours = $1,000.
  • 13 or more credit hours = $1,500.

Students will receive the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship, provided at varying dollar amounts, based on the number of dual credits they have successfully completed (grade of C or above) from SDSU. No separate scholarship application is necessary.

The Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship does not replace the Jackrabbit Guarantee Scholarship or other awards. This scholarship would be in addition to other scholarships earned through academic achievement to attend SDSU.

Details on awards will be communicated starting next week to students who qualify. Amended scholarship award notifications will be provided upon the successful completion of dual credit coursework during the spring 2020 semester.

For more information on dual credit contact the Office of Admissions at 605-688-4121 or via email.