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Harding Hall Earns LEED Gold Certification

Students walking in front of Harding Hall.

Harding Hall achieved LEED V4 Gold certification for implementing measurable strategies and solutions in all areas of sustainable construction including site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. The project exceeded the minimum state requirement of LEED Silver status by 13 points. Green buildings allow South Dakota State University to operate more sustainably and give students, faculty, and staff a healthier, more comfortable space to work and live. Green building certification is proof that SDSU values sustainability and the quality of our built environment. We are dedicated to constructing and operating our buildings at the highest levels of sustainability.

The Harding Hall renovation excelled in three primary categories. First, the energy efficiency of the building was significantly upgraded. The building is now 13 percent more energy efficient than the contemporary industry standard. The actual realized energy savings will be far greater and will be tracked with advanced metering systems over the life of the building. Second, the reuse of an existing building reduced the life-cycle impact of the project. The project reused 75 percent of the existing materials in the building, which extended the useful life of existing materials, averted landfill waste, and reduced the need for new materials. Finally, the project received 8 points for indoor environmental quality. The project implemented enhanced indoor air quality strategies. These strategies included the use of low-emitting materials, enhanced air quality monitoring, construction indoor air quality management, and enhanced HVAC air filtration.

This brings SDSU’s total number of LEED certified buildings to 14 with 2 Gold certifications and 12 Silver certifications. Four buildings are currently under review for their LEED certifications. The other LEED gold building is the Dykhouse Athletic Center. The Silver certified buildings are Jackrabbit Village, Dairy Micro Lab, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Addition (Daktronics Hall), McCrory Gardens, Jackrabbit Grove, Architecture, Math, & Engineering, and S-JAC. The buildings waiting on certification are the Wellness Center expansion, Stanley J. Marshall addition, Dykhouse Stadium, and the Performing Arts Center.