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RecycleMania 2020

Let the competition begin! For the tenth year in a row, SDSU will be participating in RecycleMania. RecycleMania is a nationwide recycling competition that takes place every February and March. What’s the purpose you might ask? It’s simple! The goal of the competition is to increase recycling and decrease the amount of waste on campus.

The competition takes place across campus, so all students and employees are encouraged to do their part by recycling everything they can. As a reminder, there are three main categories of items you can recycle: paper, cans, and plastic. Paper items include white paper, colored paper, newspapers, and magazines. Aluminum can items would include soup cans and pop cans. Plastics are a little trickier. To determine if a plastic item is recyclable, check the bottom of the item for the recycling symbol, the number in it, and the letters below the symbol. If it is a number 1-7 and has the letters PP, PET, or PETE below it, it can be recycled.

All recyclable items must be placed in a recycling bin. Bins are located across campus both inside and outside and are signified as recycling bins by their blue lids. Offices and dorm rooms also have small blue bins for recycling. Students are responsible for emptying their dorm room recycling bin in the blue doored dumpsters outside.

The simple task of recycling is great for the environment as it allows resources to be reused as opposed to extracting new materials. It’s important to remember the value of recycling and that every item recycled is beneficial.

As we progress through RecycleMania 2020, let’s see how much we can increase our recycling!