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2020 NHD in South Dakota State Contest Update - We're Going Virtual!

Hello, NHD in SD!  Due to concerns about COVID-19, the decision was made earlier this month to move our 2020 NHD in South Dakota State Contest to a virtual contest.  


With the move to make this a virtual contest far enough in advance, there will be NO CONTEST FEES for this year’s state contest.  This is made possible because we no longer have to cover expenses related to renting a contest facility, providing food for judges, etc.  If you (or your school) have already sent payment, we will work with you to return payments.  This process will start next week at the earliest because SDSU staff are working remotely through at least the rest of this week.


Please remember that students should’ve gotten an email notification that they could register for state.  Some schools have pretty strict filters for emails coming in, so if they can’t find the email in their inbox or junk mail folder, students can visit to login.  For either option, students need to use their SAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD they created during the regional registration process to login and finish registering for state.

UPDATED DEADLINES (Please note that dates have changed due to postponing regional contests)

  • Wednesday, April 1 at 5 PM CT: Registrations due/website and paper lockout (NOT including process papers and bibliographies for documentaries, exhibits, or performances – these will now be due on April 3)
  • Friday, April 3 at 5 PM CT: ALL materials due to online Box folders
  • Wednesday, April 8: Final day for virtual judging
  • Thursday, April 9: Results released


Students, please work with your teachers so they have all necessary items to upload for your project so it can be judged.  Here is what we are asking for:

  1. Documentaries: Upload video in an MOV or MP4 file, process paper, and bibliography in a PDF form.
  2. Exhibits: Take high resolution images of the overall exhibit, each exhibit panel section (top left, top right, top center, bottom center, top right, top left), and a photograph of any items you were to display on the table.  If you can, please also include a PDF of all exhibit text so judges can read it if pictures are not clear.  Upload all these items plus your process paper and bibliography in a PDF form.
  3. Performances: With students not being able to meet at schools before the state contest, we have some options of what students can submit.  For all options listed below, please remember that you also must submit your process paper and bibliography in a PDF.  In addition, feel free to submit photos of your costumes, props, or backgrounds.  Your options include:
    1. Take a video of the performance (can be on a smart phone, iPad, or other recording device). Upload the video in an MOV or MP4 file.  You can also include a script (see option C) in case there are parts of your video that are hard to understand.
    2. Use an online recording video call service (like Skype or Zoom) to record yourselves doing a virtual table read.  Upload the video in an MOV or MP4 file.  You can also include a script (see option C) in case there are parts of your video that are hard to understand.
    3. Upload a PDF version of your script.  For this option, you can also include stage notes (when a character enters, when they leave, what they are doing while they are talking, etc.).
  4. Papers and Websites are due with the registration deadline on March 30, so there is no further action required.


Consensus judging will still take place as judges are able to communicate online and via phone.  The virtual contest format is NOT able to have interviews due to the logistical challenge of conference calling over 200 students and 100 judges.


I know this is very stressful for everyone involved, but we thank you in advance for your time and effort in getting projects ready to judge.  If you have any questions or run into problems with your project files, please contact your teacher first to fix those problems.  If problems still occur, teachers can contact us with any issues.

Thank you for your understanding and participation in National History Day!