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Online Schools Report ranks South Dakota State No. 21

Online School Rankings


South Dakota State University was ranked in Online Schools Report’s rankings of the 35 Best Online General Studies Degrees for 2020. SDSU was No. 21.

“South Dakota State University secured its spot in the ranking by committing to the future of their online students,” said Noah McGraw, Online Schools Report’s editor. “OSR puts particular weight into the average debt of program graduates. General studies students from SDSU graduated with an average of only $23,935 in debt, according to Department of Education statistics. This is much lower than $26,900, the average across all public four-year universities. In addition, SDSU's general studies degree is easily customizable and comes from a well-supported department.”

According to Online Schools Report, South Dakota State University offers up to 30 different ways to customize an education. Anyone with at least 60 credits can declare general studies as their concentration then choose a specialization in one of three distinct focus areas. No matter what a student chooses, their work will culminate in a capstone project, giving them the chance to demonstrate their skills to potential employers and the university.

It also stated, “because of its generalized nature, the average salary or earnings of those with BGS degrees can vary greatly. Those with BGS degrees can technically hold any occupation that requires a bachelor’s level education. As a result, BGS holders earn high or low salaries depending on experience or position.

“The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does indicate that the median usual weekly earnings of those with a bachelor’s degree are about $1,173, much higher than the median weekly earnings of those with only an associate degree, who earn about $836. Simply having any kind of bachelor’s degree is worthwhile when looking at pure earnings regardless of career.”