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Three nursing classes post perfect NCLEX pass rates

Mary Anne Krogh, dean of the SDSU College of Nursing
Mary Anne Krogh, dean of the College of Nursing

South Dakota State University’s College of Nursing had three classes post a perfect 100% in the National Council Licensure Examination.

The college’s Brookings site spring 2019 graduates went 66 for 66 and 44 of those students passed in the minimum 75 questions. The standard class graduates at the Sioux Falls site went 31-31 while its accelerated cohort was 33-33. The Rapid City site had 27 of its 29 students pass on the first attempt.

“I want to congratulate our students for their efforts but also recognize our faculty and clinical partners in helping the students achieve these outstanding NCLEX scores,” said Mary Anne Krogh ’85/’11 Ph.D., dean of the College of Nursing. “South Dakota State has a long history of strong pass rates, but this year’s performance was exceptional.”

SDState has been offering nursing education for over 80 years.

Prospective students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from SDState in class through various sites. Brookings and Rapid City have the standard four-year program, but that time can be shortened to seven semesters or less if students enter college having taken dual-credit courses. The standard program in Sioux Falls takes one and one-half years after students finish pre-nursing curriculum. Accelerated nursing programs in Sioux Falls and Aberdeen can help those earn a BSN in one year, helping students complete a quality program in less time.

With a BSN degree, graduates are more marketable, having an edge over those who have an associate degree. This also leads to a higher salary and employer educational benefits to further pursue a degree, such as a master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner.

With a BSN, graduates can work in case management, policy, research and teaching.