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Rainwater Harvesting Education and Outreach Program

Rainwater Harvesting Container

SDSU Extension in partnership with the SDSU Landscape Architecture Program and the Boys & Girls Club was recently awarded grant funding to implement a rainwater harvesting education and outreach program.  This program will focus on capturing rainwater for reuse on single-family homes, at community gardens, and commercial properties. Faculty and students will facilitate educational workshops and funding will be used to purchase rain barrels that will be distributed to local residents in Brookings at a reduced cost.  In addition, funding will allow for the design and installation of a cistern and rain garden at the Boys and Girls Club.  Finally, design plans for rainwater harvesting to supplement irrigation systems and water-wise landscaping will be developed and promoted as part of the project.  John McMaine, the project leader at SDSU Extension has expressed his enthusiasm for this opportunity as “this project will demonstrate to residents as well as contractors and local officials the potential for capturing rainwater to reduce stormwater runoff as well as costs for using potable water for landscape irrigation.  SDSU Extension is looking forward to collaborating with our colleagues in the Landscape Architecture Program and engage youth and families in Brookings through the Boys & Girls Club.  This project is an exciting step in educating our community about the many benefits of green stormwater infrastructure.” Funding for this project has been provided through the South Dakota 319(h) Information and Education grant program with matching funding provided by East Dakota Water Development District.  Public workshops will be scheduled in March and April and held at both McCrory Gardens and the Boys & Girls Club.