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Mingo wins Jackrabbits Speakers Showcase

Cole Mingo, Gabriella Helget, Quinn Bleick and Austin Manuell were the finalists of the fall 2019 Jackrabbits Speaker Showcase.
South Dakota State University held the fall 2019 Jackrabbits Speakers Showcase Monday at the South Dakota Art Museum. The event featured four finalists from the fall Fundamentals of Speech classes. Cole Mingo, a mathematics major from Omaha, Nebraska, won the event. From left are: Mingo, Gabriella Helget, Quinn Bleick and Austin Manuell.

South Dakota State University freshman Cole Mingo won the inaugural Jackrabbits Speakers Showcase, held Monday at the South Dakota Art Museum.

Mingo, who is majoring in mathematics, delivered “The Phone Hotel: Where Learning and Cellular Devices Get Along.” His speech was the top-rated one by the three judges.

“I knew I’d have a lot of information at my hands on a topic, which I was passionate about. As I found more and more sources, I got more and more committed to doing the best I could,” said Mingo, who is from Omaha, Nebraska.

Austin Manuell, a pre-pharmacy major from Rochester, Minnesota, finished second. Quinn Bleick, an agronomy major from Fairfax, Minnesota, and Gabriella Helget, a pre-pharmacy major from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, tied for third.

The four finalists were chosen from the approximately 700 students who took Fundamentals of Speech in the fall semester. A semifinal competition was held Dec. 3.

“The showcase is an opportunity to celebrate student achievements in a fun and creative way,” said Joshua Westwick, associate director of SDSU’s School of Communication and Journalism.