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Great Value Colleges ranks SDSU No. 5

Great Value Colleges

Great Value Colleges has ranked South Dakota State University No. 5 in its listing of the 10 most affordable online bachelor’s degrees in geography for 2019.

The ranking can be viewed at

The firm stated SDSU was selected not only for the program’s affordability but also for the institution’s overall outstanding reputation, its faculty’s excellence and the unerring commitment to providing nontraditional students a high-quality education and in doing so, giving them all the tools that they need to achieve their future career goals.

"As society continues to evolve to encompass a more global mindset, the study of geography becomes increasingly more important to understand our place in this world and what we must do to make it a stronger, healthier place to be,” said Julie McCaulley, the online relations coordinator for Great Value Colleges. “At SDSU, the hands-on approach to education gives students an incredible opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary to become leaders in the field of geographical studies. With the tools provided to them by SDSU's robust curriculum, graduates are well prepared to make incredible contributions that will benefit not only themselves but all of us who live on this incredible Earth."

Bob Watrel, who leads SDSU’s Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences, said, “We try to provide assessable and affordable programs online and at SDSU that give students content courses in geography and geospatial techniques. We just added an online minor in geographic information sciences and hope to offer an online B.S. in geographic information sciences soon.”

Great Value Colleges’ rankings are determined by using data collected from College Navigator regarding tuition, as well as program information gleaned directly from each institution’s official website. For more sizable rankings, the methodology used to determine placement is based primarily on tuition but also considers things like program flexibility, customization within the degree program both in content and format, and an overall “wow” factor, which highlights each program’s unique offerings and sets it apart from the pack. For programs that have limited online availability, it ranks institutions based solely on tuition cost.

Great Value Colleges compiles these rankings in an effort to contribute to the academic mission of higher learning institutions. We provide pertinent, unbiased information for prospective students and working professionals to aid them in making more informed decisions as they seek to further their education.