Research Reconnaissance Trip to the NEA in Washington D.C.

Photo of Smithsonian Botanic Gardens

Summer is a great time to work on scholarly research. Dr. Tofte had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. with three colleagues to meet with National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) staff. Members of the SDSU research delegation included Drs. Pat Crawford, Director of the School of Design, Leda Cempellin, Professor of Art History and Meredith Redlin, Professor of Sociology & Rural Studies as well as Dr. Elizabeth Tofte, Professor with the Landscape Architecture Program. We spent time discussing how to better prepare an Art Works-value and Impact Grant Submission. We also visited the Smithsonian Botanic Gardens where native prairie plants are featured along-side neatly pruned ornamentals.

Back in Brookings this fall, the research team is asking undergraduate students to participate in a pilot survey to gather data on creative behaviors. This data, along with data previously gathered by team members under a SDSU Challenge Grant, will be submitted to the NEA in October. Should the NEA fund the research project, we will be studying the impact on students' cognitive creative behaviors from an artist-in-residence program in higher education. Keep tuned. This is a unique strategy to grow research and creative activities through SDSU’s School of Design.