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Coastal Resiliency Planning and Design

Photo of Woodbridge River

Jeremiah Bergstrom, Instructor with the Landscape Architecture Program at SDSU, in collaboration with research colleagues at Rutgers University recently were awarded a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation National Coastal Resilience Grant to develop ecological resiliency strategies for landscapes and communities impacted by coastal storms.  The project builds on the research team’s previous work along the Woodbridge River where residents and community leaders are working together to move at-risk residents out of flood prone areas.  This grant provides support for the researchers to examine the floodplain as a whole system while creating comprehensive design solutions to restore ecological function, manage stormwater, and increase socioeconomic value of the reclaimed landscape.  Primary goals for the project are to maximize resilience of the communities within the Woodbridge River floodplain through restoration of floodplain habitat and installation of sustainable green infrastructure practices; and improve habitat for wetland dependent species, including fish of economic importance, breeding and migratory birds, reptiles, and amphibians.  In July 2019, Jeremiah and research team members conducted a project kick-off meeting and site visit to begin detailed planning.  In the coming months, SDSU Landscape Architecture students will assist the research team with developing ecological restoration strategies as well as green infrastructure interventions.