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Isaac Salfer Joins South Dakota State University as Assistant Professor in Dairy Production

Photo of Isaac Salfer

The South Dakota State University Dairy and Food Science Department welcomes Isaac Salfer as assistant professor in dairy production.

“I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Salfer to our department,” said Vikram Mistry, head of the Dairy and Food Science Department. “Through his hands-on practical experience and knowledge of the industry, he will be an excellent resource for our students and will engage in cutting-edge research. I am looking forward to his contributions to our programs and to the dairy industry.”

Salfer received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science from the University of Minnesota and a doctorate in animal science from Pennsylvania State University. His doctorate work was related to the circadian rhythms of the mammary gland of dairy cows. He has presented numerous papers at national meetings and published papers related to his work. Among Salfer’s credentials is a National Institute of Food and Agriculture pre-doctoral fellowship. Salfer received two national awards at the 2019 American Dairy Science Association meeting, the Alltech Graduate Student Paper Publication Award and the National Milk Producers Federation Richard M. Hoyt Award. Both awards were in recognition of his excellence as a student at Pennsylvania State University.

In his position at SDSU, Salfer will be responsible for teaching and research programs with emphasis in dairy herd management in support of the growing dairy industry in the region. His teaching responsibilities will include Dairy Farm Operations I and II, Ruminology, Dairy Cattle Judging, Dairy Challenge and an animal nutrition class. 

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About the South Dakota State University Dairy and Food Science Department

With expertise in dairy production, dairy manufacturing and food science, the South Dakota State University Dairy and Food Science Department covers the entire spectrum of the dairy industry from farm to product. The department is housed in the renovated Alfred Dairy Science Hall, attached to the state-of-the-art Davis Dairy Plant. About a mile north of campus, the South Dakota State University dairy farm provides the source of milk for well-known SDSU ice cream and cheese products and is home to some 150 milking Holsteins and Brown Swiss cattle. The department boasts 100 percent job placement for graduates, offers more than $150,000 in scholarships to students and confers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees.