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GoodIron, Hearting receive Cobell Scholarships

South Dakota State University College of Nursing students Jazmine GoodIron and Andrea Hearting have been named Cobell Scholarship recipients for the 2019-20 academic year. Both students take classes at the college’s Rapid City site.

Jazmine GoodIron
Jazmine GoodIron

“Being awarded the Cobell Scholarship means I can focus on my studies and not have the added stress of covering tuition and books for school,” said GoodIron, who is receiving the scholarship for the third time. “With graduation approaching, I am grateful to have had the financial support through scholarships. These awards have allowed me to advance through the nursing program and get to where I am at today.”

Cobell Scholarships are awarded by Indigenous Education Inc., and approximately 20% of applicants receive some award, according to the organization’s website.

GoodIron and Hearting have similar motivations for pursing their degrees—they want to help those around them.

“I have always aspired to become a nurse because I feel I have the ability to make a difference in the lives of those around me,” GoodIron said. “Becoming a nurse and having the ability to save lives and promote change in health care drives me to getting my BSN.”

Andrea Hearting
Andrea Hearting

The upcoming fall semester represents different extremes of the journey for the two women. GoodIron is positioned to graduate in December, so this fall will be her last term in the program. Hearting has just completed her pre-nursing courses and will start her first semester in the college in August.

“The staff at the Native American Nursing Education Center have come to be a strong support system for me throughout my academic career,” Hearting said. “I am deeply appreciative of Bev Warne, Dr. Barbara Hobbs, Tina McFadden and Valeriah Big Eagle. Each of these women has played a role in my pre-nursing success.”