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Meet the Commencement Speakers: Kevy Konynenbelt

Traveling to Mars isn’t the only ambitious task senior Kevy Konynenbelt looks to accomplish. She’s also majoring in two disparate fields—electrical engineering and English. 

The Fergus Falls, Minnesota, native began her career at South Dakota State University in electrical engineering. 

“I was really looking for a smaller, people-centered, supportive atmosphere in an academically excellent program,” she said. 

Along the way, she took a few English classes because she loves to read and write. 

“I am not the same person I was when I started college and I think that’s because of my education,” Konynenbelt said. “I loved the [electrical engineering] department and faculty but then I took some English classes and realized I also loved the English department.” 

Now, she is graduating with a degree in English, with about a year left to her electrical engineering degree. 

“The faculty and students would be the single greatest contributor to my success here … I don’t think I would be graduating with a double major at a less supportive institution,” she said. 

Next semester she looks to start the Master of Arts program as she finishes up her second bachelor’s degree. She would like to have a career that would involve both areas of study. 

One possible way to do that would be as one of the first people to travel to Mars and document the journey. 

“I think we’re living in a really exciting age where space travel is more possible than it’s ever been,” Konynenbelt said. “I think whatever I do, I will always have that Jackrabbit support to go with me.”