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Opportunity to Give Back and Build Connections

Admissions Ambassadors 2018-2019
Admissions Ambassadors play a critical role to providing an insightful experience to prospective students during their college selection process. By serving as an Ambassador, you'll be able to build connections with potential future students, your fellow SDSU community, and pay it forward to those who had helped you along the way.

The Admissions department has put out a call for new Ambassadors to apply! 

Applications are now being accepted until Wednesday, April 10th, to become the next Admissions Ambassador for SDSU. As an Ambassador, you'll be able to provide campus tours, serve on student panels, and assist with communication to students. A paid opportunity with training, social networking opportunities, resume building qualities, and a potential difference maker for a prospective student's college choice. As someone in the College of Natural Sciences, you'll also be able to provide additional insights to the amazing programs & research experiences within the college, which many may not be aware of. 

Not sure? Think about it this way: If you had a chance to share what you know now with who you were during the college selection process, would you?

For application materials and more information, please visit Admissions Ambassadors page.