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Board of Regents approve academic offerings

The South Dakota Board of Regents this week approved new academic program requests from four public universities to meet emerging workforce trends across the state. South Dakota State University’s requests were:

  • New associate and bachelor degree offerings in data science. The programs will utilize data science-centered mathematics, statistics and statistical computation courses created over the past several years by SD State’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Studies indicate high job-growth potential for data scientists trained at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Instruction for these degree programs also will be available online.
  • Two new minors in ranch management and sustainability.
    • The ranch management minor aligns with SD State's land-grant institutional mission, providing introductory management coursework focused on ranching, finances, grassland, and livestock.
    • The minor in sustainability will prepare graduates to help their employers conserve energy resources and improve efficiencies. It should be of broad appeal to students pursuing careers in business, government, and nonprofit organizations.
  • A graduate certificate in community development, intended for students already working in the development field and providing them access to cutting-edge practice and research. The 12 credit-hour certificate is part of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, a partnership of 19 public universities that collaboratively deliver online academic programs in the areas of agriculture and human sciences.
  • An undergraduate certificate in new product and venture development. The certificate, consisting of nine credit hours of study and available online, provides students with introductory skills needed to identify business opportunities and take products and services to the marketplace. The certificate may serve as a stand-alone credential, as a complement to a student’s major or minor, or as a credential to pair to the entrepreneurial studies major and minor at SD State.
  • Permission to make both the Spanish minor and the undergraduate workplace intercultural competence certificate available through online delivery. SD State intends to reach more students, including nontraditional learners and place-bound professionals, across the state and region.