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Online early childhood education program ranked by Successful Student best online bachelor's early childhood education

South Dakota State University’s online early childhood education program has been ranked in the top 25 best online bachelor’s early childhood education programs by Successful Student.

According to Assistant Professor Jennifer Kampmann, the online program at SDState is through Great Plans Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GP-IDEA). It works in collaboration with five other universities and was designed to meet the needs of military personnel and family. The development of the program was funded in part by the Department of Defense. SDState has been with graduate programs in GP-IDEA for many years, but this is the first undergraduate program in the consortium. It has been running now for three years.

The article states, “The program prepares students to work in early childhood environments with young children, especially children whose family members are highly mobile. Graduates can seek jobs in a variety of programs which offer early care and education in the community and on military installations.”

Students who enroll in the program can be instructed online by faculty from State, Texas Tech, Iowa State, University of Missouri, Michigan State and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“No matter where they move, they can continue their education,” Kampmann said. 

Student teaching experiences are required for the program and they can be chosen around the student’s location. Kampmann said that they are vetted beforehand to ensure proper student-child interaction and qualified supervision. She said that there are currently 10 students enrolled as SDState students in the online GP-IDEA program. Despite numbers, it is a quality program.

“It’s [the recognition] pretty exciting and unexpected,” she said. “Our body of students is still growing.”

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