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Four Different Companies Teach Different Perspectives


Students pose during the trip.


Student clubs of the economics department took a trip to New York to learn about business and management in the real world.

Members of the Human Resources and Management Club (HRMC) and the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) gained academic learning and cultural experience during the trip.

They met with CEOs and representatives from the human resources department of four different companies, from a five-person startup to a company with ninety thousand employees.

“We kind of got to see a lot of the coursework that we have been talking about,” Morgan Crowser, president of the Human Resources and Management Club (HRMC) said. “It was really nice to hear about how they do HR in New York because they have so many other laws and stuff to think about.”

Students visited Tommy John, Pfizer, United Cleaning Services Corporation and Ace & Everett.

The highlight of the trip for many students was the launch day celebration at Tommy John, a men’s underwear company founded by a South Dakota native. The company launched its line of women clothes after producing men’s underwear for over 10 years.  

“I guess the one (CEO) that stood out the most to me being from the CEO club and being in entrepreneurial studies was visiting the CEO of Tommy John,” Laura Diekhoff said. She is the president of Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO).

“That was like a huge day for them and they were like really open about the number of sales they had that day,” Diekhoff added. “And I guess we kind of got to sit in their own little celebration meeting which was really cool, it was a unique experience that I imagine”.

Tom Patterson, CEO, and founder of the company shared his story with the students.

The trip was a cultural experience for many students who had never been to New York or outside of South Dakota.

“I guess when you are from South Dakota, you don’t realize how big the world can be,” Diekhoff said. “That was kind of cultural shocking”.

The advisors of the two clubs accompanied the students during the trip for them to learn different perspectives.

“Students got to learn from an entrepreneurial perspective, management perspective and HR perspective at these very, very different companies, all in midtown Manhattan, which was pretty cool,” said Thomas Clark, advisor of the HMRC.

Barb Heller, founder and the current advisor of the CEO club said that the trip was intended for the students to be able to see different types of businesses and see different strategies and market segments.

A group of 12 students attended the trip during the first week of April.