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Book Recycling Available

Book recycling is available for students, faculty, and staff! Instructions on how and where to recycle are below.

Place books in one of the drop off boxes located in Rotunda Breezeway, the Union, and Larson Commons.

Faculty & Staff
Once you collect books that you are ready to give away, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Briggs Library to see if any material could be added to the library collection. The archival collection may also be interested in any thesis, books, lecture notes etc. written by SDSU faculty, staff, or alumni. Accepted materials will be picked up by the Library staff.
    For general materials, please contact Mary Caspers-Graper at 688-5565
    For archival materials, please contact Michele Christian at 688-4906
    Guidelines for Departmental Records and Guidelines for Faculty Donations
  2. If Briggs Library does not accept the materials…
    • The books could be utilized elsewhere. Several organizations collect used books to support various programs. Individuals are able to donate books by shipping books to a designated location. A few example organizations include: Better World BooksDonate TextbooksOperation PaperbackPrison Book ProgramBooks for Africa
    • Books can be placed in campus paper recycling bins. Tear off all hard covers and remove any spiral binding prior to disposal. Only glue binding is O.K. on both soft and hard cover books. Plastic, metal, or any other type of binding cannot be recycled and must be taken off before the rest of the book is placed in the recycling bin. Please contact Facilities & Services at 688-4136 if extra bins are needed for collection or to schedule a special pick-up.