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SDSU faculty recognized for excellence in research, teaching and service

South Dakota State University recognized 29 faculty members, researchers and scientists at its annual Celebration of Faculty Excellence banquet held Tuesday in the University Student Union. The event honors faculty members in each of the university's colleges for outstanding research, teaching and service.


Before the evening banquet, four faculty scholars delivered Sewrey lectures to raise awareness and show scholarship the categories of in research and scholarship, creative and fine arts, teaching and learning, and service.

Jennifer Anderson delivered the David Fee Memorial Lecture, “Scholars, Citizens, Students: How Everyone Can Use Communication to Cultivate a Productive and Civil Society.” Anderson is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Theatre. Fee taught philosophy and religion at SDSU for more than 20 years. Annual presenters of the named lecture are selected based on their topics and contributions to Fee’s example of crossdisciplinary learning, inquiry and collegiality.

Named distinguished professors were: Kendra Kattelmann, professor in health and nutritional sciences and director of the didactic program in dietetics; and Eric Nelson, professor in veterinary and biomedical sciences.

Excellence in Teaching and Research awards were awarded to these faculty members:

  • Pat and Jo Cannon Intellectual Property Commercialization to Heike Bücking, professor in biology and microbiology;
  • Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Young Faculty to Rebecca K. Britt, assistant professor in journalism and mass communication;
  • Dr. Harold and Barbara Bailey Award for Excellence in Academic Department Leadership to Tim Steele, professor and director, School of Design;
  • F.O. Butler Award for Excellence in Research to Xiangming Guan, professor in pharmaceutical sciences;
  • F.O. Butler Award for Excellence in Teaching to Charles Dieter, professor in natural resource management;
  • F.O. Butler Award for Excellence in Extension/Outreach to Peter Bauman, SDSU Extension field specialist in natural resource management;
  • F.O. Butler Award for Excellence in Service to Jason McEntee, professor and department head in English;
  • Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence Recognition to Edward Hogan, associate vice president emeritus for academic affairs and professor emeritus of geography;
  • Edward Patrick Hogan Award for Teaching Excellence to Joseph Santos, professor in economics; and Debra Farver, professor in pharmacy practice;
  • Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring to Lyle Olson, professor in journalism and mass communication;
  • Excellence in Online Teaching Award to Sarah Clark, lecturer in mathematics and statistics;
  • Excellence in Online Program Award to master of mass communication;
  • Timothy J. Nichols Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award to Cody Wright, professor in animal science;
  • Excellence in Outreach and Engagement to Jennifer Anderson, assistant professor in communication studies and theatre; and Rebecca Kuehl, assistant professor in communication studies and theatre;
  • Faculty Awards for Global Engagement
    Faculty Engagement in Internationalizing the Student Experience to Christine Garst-Santos, assistant professor in modern languages and global studies; and
    Faculty Engagement in International Research to Qiquan Qiao, Harold C. Hohbach associate professor in electrical engineering and computer science.

The 2017 Outstanding Researchers and Scholars from the university’s colleges include:

  • College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences to ZhengRong Gu, associate professor in agricultural and biosystems engineering;
  • College of Arts and Sciences to Teri Finneman, assistant professor in journalism and mass communication;
  • College of Education and Human Sciences to Amber Letcher, assistant professor in counseling and human development;
  • Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering to Nadim Wehbe, John M. Hanson professor in civil engineering;
  • College of Nursing to Polly Hulme, professor in graduate nursing; and
  • College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions to Surachat Ngorsuraches, associate professor in pharmacy practice.

Delivering the Sewrey lectures were (name, area, title):

  • Darla Biel and team, creative and fine arts, “The Harvey Dunn Feminine Images Collaborative Project;”
  • Hemachand Tummala, research/scholarship, "Pathogen Mimicking Vaccine Delivery System;”
  • Mary Bowne and team, teaching/learning; "Understanding Student Perceptions of Online Learning at South Dakota State University;" and
  • Heidi Carroll, service, “Discussing Animal Well-Being.”