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2017 SDSU Lamb Bonanza

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The 25th Annual Lamb Bonanza is approaching very quickly! “Lamb Bonanza” is scheduled for Saturday, February 4, 2017 at Frost Arena. The event showcases the SD lamb and wool industry in conjunction with an afternoon of SDSU basketball. This year the “Jackrabbits” have a double header with the women hosting USD at 2 pm and the men play Oral Roberts with the game tipoff at 4:30 pm.

Members of the South Dakota Sheep Growers’ Association will serve leg of lamb sandwiches and crackers with lamb spread from 1-2 pm on the north side of the track in Frost Arena.

During the men’s halftime, six lamb pelts will be auctioned.  This year there are four pelts with “SDSU” and two with the “Jackrabbit”. Check them out!  Auction proceeds provide scholarships to undergraduates enrolled in the SDSU Department of Animal Science and the SDSU Athletic Department.

The promotional activities are sponsored by the South Dakota Sheep Grower’s Association, the SDSU Animal Science Department and the SDSU Athletic Department.

I hope you can join us for the “Lamb Bonanza” on February 4th!  Come and help us promote the sheep industry and to cheer the “Jacks” to victory!!


South Dakota State University has a long history of producing sheep on campus for research, teaching, and extension programming.

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Lamb Bonanza Scholarship

The Lamb Bonanza Scholarship is made available from the proceeds of the lamb pelt and meat bundle auctions held in conjunction with the Lamb Bonanza at SDSU. This promotional activity is held during a SDSU basketball game. The SD Sheep Growers Association, the SDSU Athletic and Animal Science Departments sponsor the Lamb Bonanza.

Lamb Bonanza – Gary Schwartz Scholarship

Gary Schwartz was instrumental in the success of the lamb and wool promotional event called the “Lamb Bonanza”. As a person always willing to help others achieve their goals, this scholarship is a fitting reminder of his leadership and contributions to the sheep industry and the Animal Science Department at SDSU. Gary passed away in 2002.