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Student Edition Cheese

Maple Bacon Cheddar Cheese Label

In summer 2014 SDSU Dairy science students began manufacturing their own flavors of cheese under the Student Edition Cheese program. Some non–typical flavors were being developed and marketed under The Campanile Line cheese label. In this program the idea for the cheese flavor is developed by a dairy science student. The cheese is produced at the Davis Dairy Plant under standard manufacturing protocols. It undergoes a series of Quality tests to make sure it meets industry and SDSU standards. Once the cheese completes a positive release it is cut, wrapped, and labeled. The label features the type of cheese and the student who came up with the idea for the cheese. The first Student Edition Cheese was maple bacon created by Rachel Johnson.

Subsequently, the students also developed an Irish Ale Stout using a Stout beer donated by a local brewery. Other flavors planned for the near future include: Cheesy Ranch, Blueberry, Chili Cheese, Sarachi Hot Sauce, Walnut Cheese, Tomato Basil, Pepperoni Pizza, and Apple Cinnamon. The cheese is made into 26 -12 ounce packages and sells out quickly. At the end of the semester the cheeses will be judged based on flavor, appearance, costs, and how well it sold. We will pick the top cheeses and make them a permanent selection. The Student Edition Cheese is available at the SDSU Dairy Bar. If you get a chance and want to try something different the dairy bar is the place for a “Legend Dairy” cheese experience.