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SDSU Bookstore: Textbooks & Supplies

The textbook area of the SDSU Bookstore will not be open for normal retail operations as a COVID-19 safety precaution. We are asking that all textbooks and education materials be purchased at our online store Jackrabbit Central.

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Is the SDSU Bookstore open?

For the Fall 2020 semester opening, all educational material and clothing will only be available through our online store Jackrabbit Central. The textbook area will NOT be open for normal retail operations due to COVID-19.

How do I pick up my order?

Select in-store pick-up at checkout, and you MUST put your campus address down to qualify for in-store pick-up. All off-campus students will have their orders shipped to their off-campus residence. Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed. Once your order is processed you will get an email to a SignUpGenius website. You will select a time to pick up your order at the SOUTH doors of the Bookstore. Student ID or driver’s license is required at pickup. Use this link to sign up.

Can I purchase art and engineering supplies online?

Yes, we have added most items to our website. Go to and click on general merchandise, then select either school supplies or art/engineering supplies. We realize there are some things we cannot offer online, so we are making it available for art/engineering students to schedule a time through SignUpGenius to come to the SOUTH entrance of the store and pick what they need. We will be adding more appointment slots/days so this link will be changing hourly. Hit refresh if you are looking for a time slot not listed as it may be added later.

Will I be charged shipping or a processing fee if I select UPS or in-store pick-up?

The store is offering FREE shipping on all orders through September 4.

How do I return textbooks?

Refunds will be limited to educational materials. Students needing to return educational materials should come to the MAIN entrance through the Student Union. Present books to be
returned at the information table located at the front entrance of the store. Attendant will ask customer to bag items and will attach return slip. Make sure to have a copy of your receipt with you. ALL returns will be dated and placed in isolation for three days prior to processing refund.

When I try to put a purchase on my student account, it will not let me proceed to the “Review my order” screen. Why?

When checking out, if you are renting a book and charging to your student account, you will still need to enter a credit/debit card. Nothing will be charged to the card; it just needs
to be on file in case the rental is not returned.

Do I need to be signed into an account on the website to purchase books?

Yes, you will need to create an account in order to make purchases through our website.

What does "DC" behind certain book titles stand for?

DC means that it is a digital content book. Once the order is closed, an email will be sent to you from with the instructions on how to access the book. You will not physically receive a book; this book is accessed completely online.

If the same title is listed with two different ISBN numbers and one is optional and one is required, do I need to purchase both?

No, you have the option to purchase either the digital copy (DC) or the physical copy of the book. You only need to have one form of the book.

Can I charge my textbooks and educational materials to my student account?

Yes, each student is given a $500 line of credit to charge textbooks and educational materials and clothing to. The last day to charge to your student account for the fall semester is August 31, 2020. The amount charged then gets added to your final tuition bill.

Can I use a clicker for more than one year and use it in multiple classes?

Yes, once you purchase a clicker you will register it to yourself and it can be used in multiple classes. The clicker is good for five years.

What does it mean when it says: "This is a digital textbook and is billed to your tuition?"

About a week before classes start you will get an email from the SDSU Bookstore that gives you instructions on how to access the book through your D2L. Since it’s being billed to your tuition, there is nothing else that you need to purchase. You also have the option to opt-out of the book. Opt-out instructions can be found in the email with the instructions on how to access your book.

How can I keep up on all the updates pertaining to the SDSU Bookstore?

Please like our Facebook page to watch for updates or any other information you need to know.

How can I contact the SDSU Bookstore?