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A number of scholarships and awards are available to Ness School Students on a competitive basis. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, who often include former students and faculty members, the scholarship can aid eligible students in financing their education.

Ness School Celebration of Excellence

In addition, the university, the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offer various scholarship opportunities. Current and prospective students should contact the Financial Aid Office and the individual colleges for information concerning availability and eligibility.

When applying for scholarships, students should be aware that many of the scholarships may be used by the university to fulfill Jackrabbit Guarantee obligations. This has been confusing for many students, so we want to make sure you understand the situation.

Application Process

Everyone applying for scholarships must first complete the university's online scholarship application, the online scholarship is located on MyState, under the "My Money" tab. By completing this scholarship you are applying for scholarships across SDState, including those offered through the Ness School of Management and Economics. Priority is given to applications received on or before Dec. 15. 

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences Scholarships

Students log on to MyState then click on the scholarship application link to complete the application.

Some scholarships/awards require additional information from applicants to satisfy criteria established by the donors. If you believe you are qualified and wish to be considered an applicant for additional industry-sponsored scholarships, please contact the appropriate department for instructions on how to apply.

Frank Puhr Memorial Award

To apply for this scholarship submit an original paper of not less than 5,000 words dealing with agricultural finance or a related topic. Available to undergraduate and graduate students. Papers should be submitted to Kayte Haggerty no later than February 15 and must include student name and ID#.

For our generous friends and former students

Scholarships are an excellent way for individuals to give back to the Ness School of Management and Economics and the university in general. For information about your options for setting up a scholarship, you may visit the SDSU Foundation website or contact them by email.

Available Jackrabbit Guarantee Scholarships

  • Frances Hymers Costie Scholarship in Economics
  • William Kohlmeyer Scholarship
  • Steve and Marcia Stahly Scholarship Endowment
  • De Smet Farm Mutual Insurance Company Economics Award
  • Felix Hsia Endowed Scholarship in Economics
  • Donald O. and Margery Egge Bunkers Scholarship in Economics
  • Arthur W. and Signe Anderson Scholarship in Agricultural Business
  • Max and Joyce Cheeseman Scholarship
  • Lee and Betty Engen Scholarship in Economics
  • Jeff and Linda Kuhn Scholarship
  • Harley F. and Adele M. Taylor Scholarship in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business
  • Henry Lewis Leonhardt Scholarship in Agricultural Economics
  • Cornerstone Financial Solutions, Inc. Scholarship
  • Carol and Herman Lerdal Scholarship in Commercial Economics
  • Maxine Tofte Memorial Scholarship in Economics
  • Fred Wiswall Scholarship in Economics
  • Barb (Runge) and Curt Teal Scholarship in Support of the Jackrabbit Guarantee
  • Rex Cox Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Dr. Sherwood and Elizabeth Berg Endowed Scholarship in Economics
  • Frank J. Kurtenbach Economics Scholarship
  • Fay and Mary Smith Memorial Scholarship in Economics
  • Janssen Family Economics Scholarship in Memory of Harry and Veletta Janssen 
  • Marily J. Nicholson Chapman Scholarship in Economics
  • John E. and Dorothy L. Thompson Scholarship in Economics
  • Dennis and Candace Nelson Scholarship in Economics
  • Richard F. Kneip Scholarship in Economics
  • Robert B. Swanson Scholarship in Economics
  • Richard F. Durland Memorial Scholarship
  • Vernon Bau Scholarship in Economics
  • Limen T. Smythe Scholarship in Economics
  • John F. Kelly Scholarship
  • Ronald E. Eastman Scholarship in Economics - Business Economics Specialization
  • Donald S. Whealy Memorial Scholarship in Support of the Jackrabbit Guarantee
  • Dr. Eluned Jones and David Chalmers Scholarship in Economics and Management
  • Gabriel Lundy Memorial Award in Economics
  • Shane Family Endowed Scholarship in Economics
  • Sondey Family Scholarship Endowment in Economics in Honor of John B., John A. and Anne Z. Sondey
  • Doug and Anne Hajek Economics Scholarship
  • Douglas Franklin Memorial Scholarship in Economics
  • First Bank and Trust Economics Award
  • Gatzke-Werth Scholarship in support of the Jackrabbit Guarantee
  • Han and Bang Kim Scholarship Endowment in Support of the Jackrabbit Guarantee
  • Herbert and Janna Allen Dakota Farm Management Award
  • John H. Thompson and Mark E. Thompson Scholarship in Business Economics
  • Patrick A. Lyons Scholarship Endowment
  • Madiken A. (Scholl) Helsel Scholarship
  • Tom and Karen Chester Scholarship in Economics