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Economics Graduate Student Association

NSME team participates in case plan competition in Costa Rica

Core Objectives

  1. Achieve and sustain excellence in graduate scholarships.
  2. Foster a sense of community among graduate students and faculty.

How we achieve these objectives:

  • Organize mock presentations for graduate students to present their research works prior to conferences or thesis defense.
  • Sponsor training sessions on the use of statistical software packages such as SAS, STATA and EndNote.
  • Connect with alumni in Ph.D. programs and career services.
  • Organize debates on current economic issues.
  • Organize social events that strengthen the relationship between faculty and graduate students, e.g. “coffee happy hour.”

What does it cost to join?

Although our membership is predominantly economics graduate students, anyone can join. All you need is a passion for Economics. Club dues are $10 per semester. You may pay our treasurer at any of our meetings.

When does Economics Graduate Student Association meet?

The Spring 2023 Meeting Schedule is to be determined. Please email the club advisor for more information.

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