Where to Find Jobs/Internships Online

Internships and Jobs Online

Looking for a job while not able to leave the house? Today’s blog talks about three great online resources for students and graduates to look for internships and job opportunities. Learn about what each platform offers and see which one is right for you.


Handshake is a website offered to students through the Office of Career Development. This is a great place to look for internships and jobs because Handshake for SDSU students is filtered by staff at the Office of Career Development so you can be sure that all listings are legitimate and that they are reliable employers. You also have the advantage that all the employers you see on Handshake are looking to hire Jackrabbit or recently graduated Jackrabbits. They know the quality of students that come out of our programs and they are excited to hire you. Like other job search engines, you can filter your job search by many different criteria as well.

However, Handshake is more than just a job search engine. Handshake offers a variety of resources for students to guide them in their career preparation. There is an entire section for students under the Career Center tab where you can make appointments with the Office of Career Development, find tips and guides on how to write a resume and cover letter, how to network, and just about anything else career prep related. There are also quizzes and surveys that students can take to help find the right career path that suits their personality and work ethic. Handshake is the number one place for SDSU students to search for, apply to, and choose careers.

Linked In

LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting with potential employers, staying up to date on the news in your career field. and of course, finding careers. LinkedIn is a good place to reach out to connections for advice, job opportunities or learning opportunities. Job shadowing is the easiest way to learn about your industry before you even enter the workforce, and LinkedIn is a great place to find professionals in your industry to reach out to and ask about those opportunities. Learn some of our tips and best practices for LinkedIn on our Job Search Bootcamp post or this article from LinkedIn.

The job search section of LinkedIn is similar to Handshake in that you can filter your results and find a variety of different career fields. However, LinkedIn is not as filtered and personalized to SDSU students as Handshake is. LinkedIn job listings allow you to see if any of your connections work for or have worked for the company so you are able to reach out and learn more about the company and what it is like to work for them from your connections. Not to mention the more connections you have to a company the more likely you are to be hired if you leave a good impression that is. Making professional connections and being knowledgeable about your industry is very important when it comes to landing a career, and LinkedIn is the perfect place to do it.


Indeed is another job search engine, much like the other, just a little less in-depth. Indeed is strictly a search engine for jobs. When you search on Indeed it pulls up the top search results for job listings with those keywords. From there the links usually take you directly to the companies hiring/ application page. Indeed allows you to create an account and upload your resume to your account to streamline the application process and submit your resume with one click. This is a good resource if you are in a new area and need to find job prospects fast, it allows you to apply to many different jobs and do it quickly. If you are willing to put in a little more work to learn about the company on your own and look in-depth at the job description Indeed can still be a great resource to expand your job search.

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