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What a W Grade Really Means

What a W Grade Really Means

What a W Grade Really Means

Students might withdraw from courses because they are over-scheduled, not a good fit for the class, changed their academic plan, don’t think they can pass, or don’t need that class for their program. Whatever the situation making the decision to withdraw from one or several classes is an important one. Depending on the timing and the class a W grade can negatively affect you. So what does a W grade mean anyway?

A “W” grade on your transcript means that you withdrew from a course, meaning you dropped the class after the drop/add period. Any classes dropped before the semester's last drop/add date does not negatively affect your transcript or tuition. Accepting a W does not negatively affect your grade point average and does not penalize you academically. The downside is that after that drop/add period you will not receive a refund for the tuition you paid for that class. Every semester has a different drop/add date, so be sure to check the semester’s academic calendar to see when the add/drop date is. There are three different types of drop grades:

WD: Withdraw Drop- credits do not calculate in GPA

WFL: Withdraw Fail- credits do calculate in GPA

WW: Withdraw from University- credits do not calculate in GPA

Students are allowed to have six withdraw drops during their undergraduate career, every withdraw after that will be classified as a withdraw fail. If you are considering withdrawing from a class at any point in the semester be sure to discuss the decision with your advisor. They will be able to help you withdraw or help you navigate whatever issue is making you consider withdrawing.

Learn more about the SDSU Drop Grade Policy.