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What is Investment Club?

What is Investment Club?

Julie Eggert is a third-year Business Economics Major and the President of the Investment Club. Investment Club is a club on campus where students learn from industry professionals, participate in a club competition, and learn about a wide range of investments. Investing doesn’t only mean buying and trading stocks, other investments include buying real estate, starting a retirement fund, or investing in mutual funds.

Buying a stock is like buying a piece of that company. Prices of stocks can fluctuate with how well that company is doing as well as other outside factors, like a global pandemic. Stock helps publicly held companies gain equity and increase their revenue in order to expand and grow the company.

The club’s guest speakers can range from professors to bankers to real estate agents. Guest speakers during meetings will share their experience in their career fields, give advice, and answer questions. These guest speakers offer a great opportunity to make professional connections and learn about a range of careers.

Each semester the Investment Club members also participate in a trading competition among themselves each semester. They use an interactive broker (an app that simulates trading stocks in real-time) and whoever has the highest return at the end of the semester wins a cash prize provided by the club.

Julie says the best part about Investment Club is the comradery that the students develop throughout the semester and the connections students make with their peers. Her number one tip for new investors is to evaluate what your risk tolerance is in order to figure out where your money would be best spent. Also if you are unsure of where to start meeting with a financial advisor is always a good idea.


So if you are interested in investing, or just want to learn how investing works you can contact Julie Eggert at or watch our social media for the next meeting time.

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