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What to do if a Required Class is Full

What to do if a Required Class is Full

1) Rearrange your schedule

Remember that the four-year plan you are given as a freshman is not a rulebook. Those classes can be taken during any academic year as long as they don’t require prerequisites. Don’t be afraid to move some courses around in your yearly plans in order to fit in those core classes that are required for graduation. Also consider moving classes from fall to spring or vise versa, just make sure that none of the classes you are moving are prerequisites for other courses.

2) See if it is offered in the summer

Summer classes are a great option if you are looking to fit in some required classes or classes that you are interested in trying. So, look into taking that required class in the summer or try moving some of your other classes to the summer, if possible, to make room during fall/spring for that required class. Summer is also a great time to fit in some of the more difficult classes so you have more time to focus on the material.

3) Contact the instructor

While researching classes, take note of the professor teaches that class. If they are from outside of the Ness School reach out to them via email to see if there is a waitlist, or ask if there is a possibility that they could squeeze you in. Your advisor can also help you with this if the professor is within the Ness School or if you are having trouble getting in touch with the professor. As long as you are in good standing and can show the professor that you will be dedicated to the class you may be able to get a spot in the class.

4) Talk to your advisor

If all else fails, do not hesitate to reach out to your advisor. Your advisor may have additional options or ideas on how to arrange your schedule to best fit you. They are here to help you with problems in scheduling among other things. It is their job to help you navigate your academic journey and work with you to make the most of your time here at South Dakota State University.