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Studying Strategies

Study Strategies

Do you have an action plan to study for your finals? There are just a few short days away, so the time to study is now! Check out our study strategies to learn four tips to studying for your finals this week!

Space Out Study Times

While cramming for your exams is convenient, it’s not very effective. Space out the time you spend studying each subject; studying for a few hours in the weeks leading up to your exam will help you the most! No matter the timeline, chunking your study sessions has been proven to lead to better results! For example, instead of cramming for 5 hours before your Econ exam, study an hour a day for five days before the exam. This strategy takes planning and dedication, but is a sure way to perform well!

Mix It Up

Don’t focus on one subject for too long. Information can get lost and become ‘foggy’ when your brain is tired of trying to comprehend a subject for too long. To combat this, you can mix up the subjects you're studying in a given day. If you have four hours to study, try to cover 3-4 classes, allocating an hour or so to each subject. Additionally, make sure to take breaks while you study - let your brain soak in the information and relax by taking a 10 minute break every 40-60 minutes of studying! 

Test Your Knowledge

Don’t just review your notes or reread your textbook! Testing yourself with flashcards or fill-in the blank sheets can enhance your retention of the course material. You can make your own version of study sets through online websites, such as Quizlet, or you can opt for the old fashioned pen and paper method! By forcing yourself to recall facts, word definitions, principles or formulas, you are more likely to recognize the subject when it’s on a test! 

Use Pictures, Acronyms, Catchy Phrases and Songs

When you’re studying, it helps to take extra steps to figure out material that you struggle with. Just like you may have used PEMDAS to remember the order for operations in math class, creating your own acronyms can help you remember the important information on exam day! Other methods that can help you recall important facts or principles are using pictures, catchy phrases or even song lyrics. To use this strategy, you have to get a bit creative, but creating a new rap about microeconomics could score you an A on an exam!