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Study Tips from Ness School Faculty

Study tips from ness school faculty

Study Tips from Ness School Faculty

Finals are coming up faster than you might think. So to get you prepared and get you in the right mindset here are some study tips straight from the test-makers themselves, our faculty.

Nicole Klein

Eat healthy food and get plenty of rest so you can put your best effort into your studies.

Ryan McKnight

Understand the vocab – all the questions on each test relate to vocab comprehension.

Outline the chapters in a way to make things simple

  • Each chapter contains sections and each section contains subsections. When you outline, you condense each section and subsection into quick hitters to make it easy to study.
  • Remember – studying is not about the quantity of hours, it’s about the quality of those hours.

Take care of #1 – yourself. Eat and drink well. Get a good night's rest. Grab a workout

Katie Grayson

Prioritize where you spend your time.  Some exams may be worth more of your grade than others and some will be more difficult while some exams might be easier for you to study for. Be sure to consider and determine all of the involved factors so you can study accordingly.