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Study Tips for Finals

Study Tips for Finals

Are you ready to take on finals? They're just a few short days away, so the time to study is now! It may be hard to put your mind to work, but you can finish your classes strong when you study. If you find yourself struggling to study, check out our tips to make your study sessions effective!

Tip 1 : Sort out the essential and nonessential information. 

  • If you differentiate your information from the get-go, you will have less work to do when you go to study AND have all your important information in one spot!


Tip 2 : Use your highlighter. 

  • Highlighting is a great way to help you find important chunks of information that you have written down or that are in your textbooks.


Tip 3 : Write neatly. 

  • When you're taking notes, write neatly so you can read what you took note off! If you prefer to type your notes, type them in an organized fashion so it's easier to read when you study.


Tip 4 : Make Flashcards.

  • Flashcards are such an effective way to remember what you're studying! If you're more tech savvy, try using an online platform such as Quizlet to make your flashcards.


Tip 5 : Draw visuals in your notes. 

  • Drawing pictures and diagrams is a great tool for visual learners and can aid in remembering those important charts. You can even get creative and add colors!


Tip 6 : Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. 

  • Repetition is SO effective while you study - in fact, it can help you speed up the learning process if you find yourself in a time crunch. Space out the time in-between repeated information to make sure you have learned and memorized the information!


Tip 7 : Break up your study sessions. 

  • Studies show that breaking up your study sessions is a positive way to increase what your brain retains. Study effectively this week by taking a break to go outside or grab a snack and then return to your books!


Tip 8 : Read your book. 

  • Reading the books for your classes is a great way to comprehend what you are learning about. Not only that, but reading helps with retention!


Tip 9 : Make a to-do list.

  • Making a to-do list is a great way to stay on task while you study (and it's SO satisfying to check off what you accomplish)! Your checklist can be anything you need to accomplish in a specific class, for the day or even for the week! 


Tip 10 : Use mnemonic devices.

  • We all remember PEMDAS from math class because mnemonic devices are great for retention! When you're studying, you can make up your own mnemonic devices to help your brain keep track of important points, orders of processes and more!


Tip 11 : Talk out loud when you study. 

  • Talking to yourself when you study might make you feel awkward, but it's super effective! Talking out loud and explaining concepts will help you slow down and think about what it is you are trying to remember. 


Tip 12 : Don’t have distractions. 

  • Having distractions is the worst way to study - you won't stay focused or get done what you need to. Finals are right around the corner, so find a quiet space with zero distractions to study today!