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Student Spotlight: Andrew Law

Student Spotlight: Andrew Law

Andrew Law is a junior from Wall South Dakota, studying Agricultural Business and Business Economics with minors in Accounting and Land Valuation / Real Estate. On campus he is a member of the SDSU track team as well as is involved in FIRE Club. Law enjoys the people and atmosphere of Brookings and the campus and state, “You won’t find a better college atmosphere that has as much to offer as SDSU.”

Laws favorite class thus far is Rural Real Estate Appraisal (AGEC 473), he states, “I enjoyed looking at how the Real Estate process works while doing real world appraisals in class.”

Law was drawn to a major in Business because of the different opportunities it offers, as well as the flexibility for jobs after college. Law did an internship with United States Senator John Thune in his Washington DC office. There, he gained an inside look into how politics work and how problems are handled on a national level.

As he looks toward his future and graduating soon, Law hopes to own his own business one day here in South Dakota!