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The Right Questions to Ask at Career Fairs

Questions to Ask at Career Fairs

The Right Questions to Ask at Career Fairs

1. Ask about their experience and role in the industry.

Show them your interest while also learning about potential positions in the industry. You can ask them what their title is and what a typical day in their position looks like. This will give you a glimpse into your possible future and help you figure out what your life on the job may be like.

2. Ask about their opinion on industry news.

i.e.: How do you feel about (insert industry happening)? This question will demonstrate your interest in the industry and show that you keep up with industry news and trends. Make sure to do your research and make sure that you are brining up relevant and current topics. A good way to do this is to subscribe to industry newsletters for your chosen field. Also, make sure you always have an answer to your own question incase the employer asks what your thoughts and opinions are on that topic as well.

3. Ask about the company

Do not forget that there is more to the company and their opportunities than just the person you are talking to. Do your research before the career fair and investigate each of the companies that interest you. Then, when you meet the employers you can ask more in depth about the company, their mission, and company news.

4. Ask about a specific position

While you are looking at the company, also take the time to research if they have any open positions or any positions you would be interested in for the future. You can also let them tell you what open positions they have within the company. Ask them details about what they job is like, remember even if you have heard that position title before that company’s position may vary from the norm.

5. Ask about the hiring process

Once you know of the opportunities available through that company ask about their hiring process. Even if you are not looking for a job right away it is a good thing to know for the future when you are applying for work. If you are looking to apply to that company it will give you a glimpse of what to expect.

6. Ask how you can keep in touch

If you get a phone number or a business card make sure to follow up through email or thank you card to thank them for their time and show them that the connection you two made was important to you. Whether you plan to apply for a job or not it is important to make long term industry connections. In a couple years you may be looking for a different job and remember that CEO you met at the career fair and want to contact them.

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