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Ness School Clubs for YOU!

Meet our Clubs

Are you looking for a way to meet other people who share your interests or easy networking opportunities? Join one of the Ness School’s clubs! Our clubs are student led and have countless opportunities for students to grow professionally, network with industry leaders and expand their knowledge. The Ness School has a variety of clubs so that you can truly pursue all of your passions! Take a look at what each club is all about below. 

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) Club

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization focuses on discussing, inspiring, and motivating entrepreneurial opportunities. Their meetings often feature local business owners who talk about their first-hand experiences as an entrepreneur. Additionally, CEO Club strives to create an open environment where you can share your own entrepreneurial ideas and get feedback from others to help everyone progress in their goals. They also attend conferences where members can listen to a wide range of business owners and learn from their experiences of failure and success.

Economics Club

The Economics Club provides many opportunities for students to get involved and pursue economics! As a club, they bring in speakers to talk about everything economics and allows students the chance to network in a casual setting. Listen to business professionals pursuing banking, finance, graduate school and so much more at their meetings! The club also has a variety of fun nights for students to catch a break in their busy schedules while enjoying sweet treats. The club’s aim is to highlight the importance of economic thinking in the real world by relating the discipline to concepts students want to learn about.

Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) Club

The Society of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate’s goals are to provide opportunities for students to expand their knowledge, broaden their network and connect students with industries in Finance, Insurance and Real Estate! They bring in industry leaders from the three disciplines to speak at club meetings. These local professionals will give you insight to how they got where they are now, the different career paths there are within the three industries and even tips for potential internships or jobs! Joining this club will help you build your resume and network while having some fun. 

HR and Management Club

Are you interested in learning more about the realm of human resources and their role in business? The SDSU HR and Management Club strives to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary for human resources work. The club is open to students of all majors that are willing to learn more about human resources and management. A few of the club activities include inviting guest speakers to club events and workshops led by Human Resources and management leaders in the community. Additionally, club members get a chance to  compete in the HR competition that occurs every spring. Human Resource Management Club allows for personal growth in many different areas and provides members with knowledge of the industry.

Investment Club

Join the Investment Club for an opportunity to expand your knowledge of investments of all kinds. The Investment Club provides students an opportunity to network with business professionals and socialize with others who are passionate about investing. Members can gain valuable information on stock and commodity trading and financial markets, as well as other types of investments, through lectures, guest speakers and other club activities. Additionally, Investment Club members can participate in the trading competitions that occur in both the fall and spring semesters.

National Agri-Marketing Association 

A nationwide organization, the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA focuses on programming, membership growth, special projects and fundraising. The SDSU chapter consists of student leaders who attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings to work on each of the club's goals. Additionally, members and the faculty advisor attend the annual NAMA conference each spring and compete in the Student Chapter Marketing Competition.


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