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Meet Julie Eggert

Meet Julie Eggert

I can remember back in seventh grade when my math teacher, Mrs. McGraw, showed our class a graph that illustrated the power of compounding interest.  Since that day, I have been fascinated with investing and the business world.  I have always loved school.  I get great satisfaction from receiving A’s, but college has taught me that it is even more satisfying to see the fruit of your labor.  It’s a great feeling to read a story from Forbes Magazine or the Wallstreet Journal and be able to have an understanding of the content because of what I have learned while at SDSU.  I had the opportunity to tour the New York Stock Exchange a few summers ago, and it was an experience I will never forget.  It was amazing to talk with the workers and see what life is really like on Wall Street.  After that trip, I started my first semester at SDSU.  That trip motivated me to come into college to work even harder, and to make something of myself. 

I was the only student from my graduating class to attend SDSU, so everyone I met was brand new.  Brookings has some of the friendliest people I have ever met.  This made transitioning to college so much easier.  One thing I learned very quickly at SDSU was just how much the faculty and staff truly care about their students.  During my first-year seminar class, Katie Grayson always reminded us to share our dreams and aspirations with our advisors and professors because they want to help us achieve them.  Every professor I have had within the Ness School has been amazing.  They want to ensure that students are grasping the content that is being taught and see how it can relate to the real world.  The professors are more than willing to meet with students during office hours.  Not only do they want to make sure you’re doing good in school, they also care about how YOU as a person are doing.  This is one of my favorite things about the Ness School.  I can remember countless times last year that I would just walk into Professor Gustafson or Professor McKnight’s office to visit.  I definitely recommend visiting with “the Katies” as well.  They are a great resource for students and it’s easy to see that they genuinely want to make a difference in your life and help you reach your goals.  This year I’ve enjoyed talking with Dr. Ujah and Dr. Wang after class about investments and finance.

My advice for any new students at SDSU would be to get involved early on.  A good rule of thumb that I learned was to join one club within your major and one outside of your major.  This allows you to meet other students that you’ll have classes with and do something fun when you need a break from school.  Second, take advantage of the resources on campus!  SDSU offers free counseling services that are great for checking in on your mental health.  Go to the wellness center a few times a week and make a habit of visiting with your professors during their office hours!  Third, read your textbooks!  This will help so much as you get more into your major.  The habits you form now are the ones you will carry with you through college and your future.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!  SDSU is full of amazing people who truly care about you, all you have to do is reach out. 

At SDSU I am the President of Investment Club, an e-trading lab assistant in Harding Hall, participate in Oasis ministries, and volunteer in the nursery at GracePoint Church and the Brookings Humane Society.  Last summer I obtained my South Dakota life, accident, and health insurance license at 19 years old.  This summer I will be interning for Baird Wealth Management.  My ultimate goal after graduation is to become a financial advisor.  I’m sure I can achieve this with the support and education I have received from SDSU.

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