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Managing Stress

Stress Management

Stress Management

Your final projects have probably already begun, tests seem to be popping up out of thin air and your workload might feel never-ending, but making sure you are healthy and ready to take on finals is very important. Here are 4 ways to de-stress and recharge for finals week!

Organize yourself

It’s important to realize why you are becoming stressed - is it all the activities you have going on or is it because you are struggling to keep track of those activities? By sorting out your priorities and making sure you have a method of staying on-track is a sure way to eliminate some stress from your life. You can use a variety of online calendars or physical planners to mark out what you need to do each day or even budget your time. By being organized, you can manage stress levels by viewing all your tasks and beginning to check them off!

Treat yourself

Self care is a great way to manage stress! By doing activities that you like to do, you are taking time to invest into your own wellbeing. This could mean you stop to study at your favorite coffee shop and buy yourself a caffeinated drink or you book a massage for finals week. By rewarding yourself for your hard work, you will feel more motivated to get to the finish line all while managing the stress you experience at the time!

Take a break

Maybe you need a day off of homework and studying or just a little self care. You could read a good book, take a long nap or do a face mask - whatever makes you feel relaxed, do it! By relaxing and recharging, you can be more prepared for the toughness of the season and keep yourself in high spirits. Not to mention, when you take breaks, you can plan ahead and stay on top of your work, which will help you manage stress during finals week!

Get active

One of the best ways to deal with stress is to exercise. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to go for a mile long jog, even getting out to take a long walk can help you clear your mind and let off some steam. If you're not into exercising alone, grab a friend and head to a group fitness class or join an intramural team! Taking an hour out of each day to head to the gym and get active can help your mental and physical health, and can help you catch that much needed break from studying!