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Making the Most of This Spring Semester

Making the most of this spring semester

How to make the most of Spring Semester During COVID-19

Spring semester is usually full of fun activities and anticipation for warmer weather. Whether you are a senior about to graduate, a freshman looking forward to your first spring on campus, or anywhere in between here are a few ways to make the most of your spring semester during these uncertain times.

Get some fresh air. 

The best part about spring and warming weather is getting fresh air! This semester is the perfect time to take advantage of all the open areas on campus. Get out of your stuffy apartment, house, or dorm room and find a sunny bench or patch of grass and study away in and soak up some fresh air. If you need a break from studying walking is a great way to take a study break. One of the many great things about Brookings is that it is very walkable. Take the spring to explore parts of Brookings you’ve never been to.

Check out the Downtown Murals.

While you’re exploring Brookings take a walk downtown and check out the many murals that have been installed in the alleyways. There are two murals installed behind Nick’s Burgers that are the news additions to downtown. These murals feature artists such as Ashley Biggar and Pandr and make great backdrops for a photo shoot with your friends.

Have a Picnic.

Keeping with the theme of enjoying the outdoors, switch up your day by bringing your lunch outside. Make it an event you do with your friends to catch up and socially distance. Try out new picnic recipes, spend some time in nature, and just relax.

Have a Virtual Game Night.

There are now so many options on ways to socialize and play games with others while still being socially distant. You can play a virtual board game, watch a movie with friends on Zoom, Skype, or Houseparty, or play virtual Heads Up. Check out these and a bunch of other options for virtual games in this article from Good Housekeeping. 

Cross Things Off Your SDSU Bucket List.

This tip is more applicable to seniors of course, but it’s never too soon start doing all the fun things you want to do before you graduate. If you are looking of things to add to that list here are a few: climb the campanile; walk through any building on campus you’ve never been in; get ice cream from the dairy bar; visit the information plaques in front of the historic buildings on campus like Morrill Hall.

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