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How to get Credit for your Summer Internship

  How to get Credit for your Summer Internship

Whether you are looking for a part time position, full time position or summer internship now is the time to start researching and applying to find the perfect job for you. Although summer may seem far off, career fairs are in progress and companies are forming their hiring plans. Thus, students must also think ahead and start filling out applications. The Ness School of Management and Economics is excited to help students find the perfect employment opportunity and to provide wonderful resources with great information on where to start.

Why get a summer internship? Internships are an opportunity for students to apply their skills, make new connections, take risks, ask questions, and learn more, while having a great experience to help find a dream position. These roles often help students land new jobs and have their eyes opened to new resources for their future career path.

Where can I find job opportunities? A great place to start is the Ness School of Management and Economics student opportunities pages on the SDSU website, which offers updated internship and full-time job listing specifically for SDSU students. Additionally, there are many other online resources including LinkedIn, Glassdoor,, and simply conducting Internet searches for different opportunities. Additionally, talking to employers at the on-campus career fair is also a wonderful way to make new connections and find future job possibilities. 

When is the best time to start looking and applying? NOW! Many internship applications are open and close soon for the upcoming summer. Thus, it is important to take action early to seek the best jobs and find opportunities that fit your liking. Furthermore, apply for as many positions as you can because although a position may not be exactly what you are looking for, it is good to try something new – and who knows, it might become the best thing to happen in your life and open up many new doors.

Now is the time to take action and prepare for the future. No matter if you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, there are positions and opportunities available for all. To learn more about internship experiences read some of the Student Features on the SDSU blog as well as find the updated job listings visit:

How to Get Credit for Summer Internship

I. Steps to complete when looking at different internship opportunities:

  1. Review NSME Internship Handbook
  2. Forward list of duties/job description from the company to Internship Coordinator ( ) to determine acceptability for academic credit

II. Steps to complete once a student accepts an internship position but before the job has started:

  1. Complete the Internship Application and forward to Dr. Klein
  2. Forward supervisor contact information to Dr. Klein (if not already included in the application).  She and Allen Falken will work with the appropriate personnel in the company to complete the Master Agreement and Individual Agreement.  (This may be a lengthy process, so we need to start on this right away.)
  3. Write an Internship Plan and forward to Dr. Klein
  4. Arrange meeting with Dr. Klein to discuss the internship after the application and internship plan are completed.
  5. Once all of the above have been completed, you will be given permission to enroll in the appropriate 494 section.

III. Steps to complete after the internship job has started:

  1. Write midterm report and submit to D2L dropbox by end of week 8 (Fall and Spring semesters) or by July 1 (Summer term)
  2. Give a final oral report to Dr. Klein by first day of finals week (Fall and Spring semesters) or end of 10-week term (summer term) OR within 5 days of end of employment.  Please discuss specific due date with Dr. Klein. If giving a final report to the employer, please discuss with Dr Klein the logistics of using this as partial fulfillment of the final report.
  3. Have supervisor complete Supervisor Evaluation Form and email directly to