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Hacks for Online Finals

Hacks for Online Finals

Have a dedicated study space

It is important to have a dedicated study space when preparing for finals while you’re stuck at home. If you are a person who would normally go to the library or the coffee shop to study make sure you have a special place in your home where you can go to study. It will help keep you focused and motivated to study. This space should also be the place that you take your exams and write your final papers. If you study in one place your brain associates that information with your surroundings and how you feel in that space, therefore it will help to be in the same space when you are trying to remember that information.

Make sure the place you choose to study isn’t somewhere you usually relax like the couch or your bed, this will make it tempting to fall asleep or get distracted since your brain associates that spot with relaxation and not discipline.

Be prepared

Just like in-person finals, make sure to come prepared. The morning of your final make sure your computer is charged, your internet is working, and that your house will be quiet during your test time so you can focus.

Figure out the format

While studying for finals make sure you know the format of the test so you know what to study and can be prepared. If it is multiple choice will there be a lot of vocab? Will there be mostly essay questions? Will you have to understand the concepts enough to cite real-world examples? Considering these questions when reviewing your syllabus and study guides can help you know how and what you need to study.

Make a Schedule

Making a schedule for yourself during finals week is essential to make sure you stay on track and don’t have to rush to get things done. If you have finals that are available for multiple days or multiple hours make a plan of when to take/do each final. You may have all week to get things done, but why not be done early? Spacing things out within your schedule can also help you manage your stress. Getting assignments and exams done earlier in the week will also help you cope with any technical issues you may run into. If your internet goes down or something happens to your computer, you have time to work out a solution and talk to your professor. Setting a schedule will keep you accountable, motivated, and keep you from procrastinating everything until the end of finals week.

Communicate with you professors

You may feel a little stressed and overwhelmed during this new finals week schedule, so if you find yourself needing clarification or help, don’t hesitate to communicate with your teachers. It is just as important as ever to make sure you have clear communication with your professor in order to do your best on your online finals. They are only ever an email or zoom call away.

Double Check Your Work

It is so easy in an online format to just click that submit button and be done, but make sure you double-check your work before you hit submit. Check your spelling, grammar, and make sure you completed every question because once you turn it in there is no going back.

Plan a relaxation day

Once you’re finished with all of your exams, papers, and presentations… celebrate! You did it! Take a whole day and relax. It has been a tough semester for everyone, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself and take a rest once it is all over. Enjoy your free time, friends, and family. And after that rest, we hope to see you back on campus in 2021!